You most likely remember Donald Trump’s famous line from The Apprentice: “You’re Fired!”


Although those words are something nobody ever wants to hear, it can be a positive experience.


“Litwak, You’re wacked!” you might be saying.  I’ll show you how to make it positive.  It just takes some thought.


Start by firing yourself.  That’s right.  YOU’RE FIRED!


Now you have to hire your replacement.  The question that makes this work is: “What qualities, skills, or traits would that person have which you do not have?”


Would they be better at goal achievement?  Would they always finish what they started?  Would they not be easily distracted?  Would they be a better planner?  You get the drift…


Give this some well deserved thought.


When you are finished, you’re rehired.  WHEW!  But you’re not done yet.


Force rank the top 3  qualities, skills, or traits your replacement would have which you do not.  Make a decision on what the #1 most important thing is.


Your #1 should become your short term focus.  The other two are your long term focus.


So there you have it, a positive experience!  And positive change will result from acting on this.


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