subconscious mind

Did you know your brain is out to get you?  Or more specifically, your subconscious mind?  Yes, it’s true.  We are hardwired. In fact, the most dominant function of our brain is to be reactive and protective.  Our subconscious mind reverts to this under any stress..  And research shows that unless you utilize the following areas, you lose them.

As a matter of fact, there are areas of the brain which are responsible for inspiration, vision, commitment, insight, awareness, and clarity.  In addition, there is a part that helps us be aware of choices, decisions, and how we act.

Have you ever said the following about an employee, a friend, or a family member: “They are just going through the motions.”   Or, “They are on auto pilot.” 

These are perfect examples.  Our brain has us working as a machine sometimes.

In truth, we used to be tremendous learners when we were young.  We learned at an amazing rate.  But then we get to a point when that stops.  We start to use phrases like “I’ve done that before” or “Been there, done that.” When we stop learning, that’s when the machine kicks in.  If we don’t utilize continuous learning, our brain begins to atrophy.

You need to maximize the brain processes listed above (vision, commitment, clarity, etc.) because if you don’t, they go away.  This is about choice.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  It is your choice of what you feed your mind.  Truly, by taking a few simple yet powerful actions the greatest asset you have been given can be maximized.

Here are 3.5 Ways to influence your subconscious mind to  accomplish what you want:

1) Take some time everyday and think of the future that you desire.

By keeping this focus, your subconscious will work towards making it a reality.  Using affirmations and visualization will help your subconscious align your feelings and emotions with your behaviors.  Our outcomes are a direct result of behaviors. Our behaviors are a result of how we think and feel.  So, better thinking will lead to better outcomes.

What are your daily affirmations?  What are the pictures that your mind is focused on?

2) Continue to learn.

“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly or it vanishes,”  Peter Drucker.  For this reason, brain rejuvenation and fitness is crucial.

Take the time to identify what your strengths are.  They will become more valuable by developing them further.  No matter how much of a useful quality you already possess, you can always keep going.

What does your personal development process consist of?

3) Change the way you see everything.

Katherine Cramer’s work shows that there are two types of thinking: Deficit Based and Asset Based.

Deficit Based thinking is all of the negative stuff.  This is a defense mechanism to life’s problems.

Deficit Based thinking can easily dominate your mind but will lead to:

  • Insecurities,
  • Lower energy and,
  • Limiting your options.

Asset Based thinking is a different way of thinking which allows us to look at the positive.  It takes the focus off of what is wrong and puts it on what is right.  Asset Based thinking builds enthusiasm, energy, and productivity.

Asset Based thinkers focus more on:

  • Opportunities rather than problems,
  • Strengths more than weaknesses and,
  • What can be done as opposed to what can’t.

Here is the best thing:  This is a choice!  Look at the negative or look at the positive.

Now that you know you have this choice, what do you choose?!

3.5) How to apply Asset Based thinking:

You have heard of the 80/20 rule, right?  Look at the 80% as opportunity.  Remember, we control how we look at this.  This is managing direction and not motion.  Apply this to your day to day and you will be amazed what you will be able to accomplish.

Take action today to have your subconscious mind work for you and not against you.