Everybody has a story.  Our personal stories are our experiences of the past.

I’d like you to fast forward to December 31st and think for a moment about the story you are going to tell about what you achieved for 2013.

Will it be a story of:

  • how this was the best year in your organization’s history and your life
  • missed opportunities and how tough things are

When December 31st  comes, your story will have been written.  That’s a fact.  The content of the story will be a direct result of the self talk, determination, and execution of you and your people.

If you want different results than you have achieved thus far, some things will have to change.  It’s just common sense.

  • Habits will need to change
  • Strategies will need to change
  • Beliefs will need to change
  • Work ethic will need to change

I have a proven method of changing these things for  individuals, teams, and organizations.

It involves goal achievement, alignment, and thinking better in order to change behaviors in a way which is long-term and sustainable,

I’d be happy to meet with you to talk about if this is a fit for you.  I promise, you will leave with at least one thing you can do to move towards achieving what you want with more certainty.  Contact me today: hlitwak@paradigmassociates.us or 518-664-5033 .  You will be glad that you did!  And remember that the clock is ticking on 2013 so there is no time to waste…