Business Values

Your Values Need to be “On Purpose.”

Every business has Values. They just might not be clearly defined. Or “On Purpose.” They can play a critical role in creating and maintaining the culture that you want.  So long as you make an effort to do so.

I’ve heard it said that managing a business is similar to parenting.  In both you need to:

  • Have a few non-negotiable rules.
  • Repeat those rules often.
  • Make sure you follow the rules yourself.

Core Values provide those rules.  They define the rules and boundaries of the company’s culture and personality.   Values are simply basic principles.  Principles which guide actions and drive desired behaviors.  With this in mind, choose well as they define what you intend for your culture to be.

Values make it make it clear to customers and vendors how they can expect to be treated.

They provide a final “Should/Shouldn’t” test for all behaviors and decisions by everyone in the organization.  Values serve as important guidelines for everyday behaviors and decisions.

They represent your philosophy for achieving success.

Core values define beliefs, standards, and acceptable behaviors.  Consequently, when communicated throughout the organization, they guide and govern the decisions and actions of everyone.

Do you need any more reasons to be “on purpose” with your values?


Not sure where to start your Values statement?

Here are some powerful Values every organization should consider living:

  • Positive Attitude.  We always look for ways it CAN be done.  Not how it can’t.
  • Customer First.  Everything we do is to best serve our customer.
  • Continuous Learning.  We are always looking to learn and improve.
  • Continuous Improvement.  We are always looking for ways to do what we do better.
  • Employees.  They are our greatest asset.  Therefore, they are always treated with dignity and respect.
  • Teamwork.  Everyone is a team player.

It’s been my experience that few companies even think about identifying Values which govern behavior.  Even fewer have brought them to life within their organization.  By doing so, you can’t help but create a higher level of profitability, sustainability, and success.

Establish your Values and bring them to life. This will provide the foundation for building a culture where your employees will grow and thrive.  To be sure, the organization will thrive when the employees do.  As such, Values are an integral part of your strategic planning.