Here is a truth: If you go through the same motions you’ve went through all year, and you are not satisfied with your results, it’s almost a certainty you will begin next year behind in performance very quickly.

Here is another truth: You should use the 4th quarter to establish  momentum for a fast start for 2017 and to prove to yourself that you can achieve at a higher level.

As it relates to your goals, you have either:

  1. Exceeded them
  2. Met them
  3. Fallen behind

If you don’t have any goals, well shame on you.  That’s impacting you more than you know.

Regardless of the position you and your organization find yourself in now, you CAN both finish this year strong and gain momentum towards coming out of the 2017 gate fast.

However, you will need to do a few things differently.  The things you need to be doing in the 4th quarter are exactly that same things you should have been doing all year.

Here they are:

  • Have clearly defined goals
  • Be 100% committed to achieving them
  • Back up every goal with an action plan for achievement
  • Have 4-5 top priorities for your organization and keep your focus on them
  • Be disciplined and consistent in taking actions towards your goals
  • Determine what you want to improve and measure weekly.  If you are behind, establish an immediate corrective action plan.

Don’t you just wish it were that easy?  Knowing what to do is one thing.  Executing on what you should do is quite another.  It’s my experience over the years that people who struggle in these areas score low on one or more of these attributes:

  • Realistic personal goal setting
  • Sense of mission
  • Long range planning
  • Concrete organization
  • Practical thinking
  • Personal accountability

What it takes is understanding these things before you can do anything about it.  Click here.  Take a profile which measures these attributes.  See if lack of development in any of these is getting in your way.

Once you know for sure, there are very definitive steps you can take in order to improve performance.

Here is another truth:  You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results.  That’s Einstein’s definition of insanity.  Take the steps I listed above.  And take this profile to determine where you or any of your key people are driving with the brakes on.