Are you frustrated with your sales results and want to improve?  If you are an Entrepreneur, you have many hats to wear, including the hat of VP of Sales.  You’re a professional sales person as well as Chief Implementer. If your role is a professional salesperson, then of course your main objective is to turn prospects into clients.

Here are 3.5 action steps you can immediately act on to get you on the path of improved sales:

1) Make a commitment to work on your Personal Development. It’s been shown that a business won’t grow faster than the personal growth of the principle.  And this is a critical area of growth.  When you learn something new, you can take better actions.  And with better actions comes better results.  I highly recommend Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Red Book of Selling”.  Check my LinkedIn profile for other books on my reading list. 

2) Change your mindset because attitude is everything. When you think positive you tend to get positive.  Having and using affirmations before every sales call is a powerful way to take control of your mind.  Try telling yourself:  “I am a master of the sales process and clients come easily to me.”  Or make up your own.  See what happens.

3) Set goals. Among the goals you set should be an objective for every sales call.  To make a friend should be at the top of the list.  After all, people buy from people that they like and trust.  To get invited back could be another goal, depending on the length of the sales cycle. Click here for a personal sales profile which will help you determine other goals to set.

3.5) Match your selling process to your prospects buying process.  There is a process that everyone goes through before they buy just about anything.  Knowing this makes it easier to help them buy from you.  I’ve been in sales for over 20 years .  I wish I had learned and mastered this a whole lot earlier because I would have had a higher degree of success than I did.

What will you do to consistently learn something new and apply it?

What will you do to focus on a positive mindset?

What goals will you set and achieve?

Do you need help mastering the buying/selling process?

I’ve been helping people develop their sales skills for 10 years.  Could you use improved sales?  I may be able to help. Click here for information on my professional seller programs.  I am always happy to help!