There are most likely at least one or two areas of your business that have gotten a little bit “messy”.  Kind of like your hallway closet.  If you don’t pay attention to it once in a while, it gets cluttered and out of order, right?

Customer focus, sales, inter and intra departmental communications, work flow processes, and employee development are some common areas that need some looking at and “tidying up” as part of quarterly organizational improvement initiatives.  (You do have them, don’t you?)

So, whether your organization is 5 people or 1000, here are three steps you can immediately take to start improving whatever it is that you want.

Let’s say you wanted to improve your customer satisfaction scores.  (You do measure that, don’t you?)

Start with letting everybody in the organization know this is a top priority for improvement.  Then by team or department:

1) Define  what customer service or satisfaction means to the organization.

2) Decide what needs to be done to implement the changes.

3) Decide how you will know that you are there.

See how easy it can be?  You just need a process to follow.  Add to this shifting the mindset of everyone to one of empowerment, thinking, and participation as part of the company culture and you will have a top performing organization before you know it!

What area will you start working on first?