I’ve been in professional sales for over 20 years.  But, I don’t ever sell anything.  “What!?” you might be saying.

I don’t sell anything because I sit back and let my probable purchaser take from me.  I know that if I give them enough information and ask the right questions, they will make the decision which is in their best interest.

The key: they need to see the benefit

Whenever two people see things the same way, they most likely come to the same conclusion.  This is a universal law.  Effective questioning in your sales process will help people see what you see.  Which is that they should do business with you.   Giving the right information, only the information that is relevant and important to your probable purchaser will help too.  (Note well that I am not talking about “pitching!”)

Whenever a probable purchaser does not do what you want, like make a purchase, there is only one reason: They didn’t see a benefit!  Who is responsible for getting them to see the benefit?   YOU ARE!

Don’t ever give this power away.  If you are, you are losing sales.  I guarantee it.

Ultimately, what do you need to do?

Improve your ability to ask powerful questions.  You should work towards mastery of questioning.  Do you have a list of at least 20 questions that you can ask your prospects?  Most people don’t.  Put some thought into questions relevant to your business right now if you never have before!

Moreover, you need to know everything there is to know about how your product or service will help your ideal client.  That is just part of being prepared.  Just remember that your probable purchaser does not need to know everything you know.  Only what is relevant to them.

In conclusion, stop selling people. Help them buy instead.   Adopt a more consultative process and you will help more people buy from you!  This has worked for me over two decades and across multiple industries.  Hence, it will work for you too.

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