Checkpoint!  It’s the beginning of the third quarter.  Half of our year is gone already.

Have you accomplished what you wanted to over the first six months of 2010?

Are you on track to accomplish what you want for the rest of 2010?

If so, Congratulations!  (Read on anyway!)  If not, why not?  You may have your own answer.  Here is something else to look at:  Attitude.

The most important thing is Attitude.  85% of the success that you want is Attitude.

Attitude is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as: A. “a mental position with regard to a fact or state; and B. “a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state.”  Guess what our feelings or emotions lead to?  That’s right…our actions.  And our actions lead to our results. 

Don’t like the results that you are getting?  Look at your attitudes: thoughts, feelings, emotions.

If you want to be more effective as a leader, a self- leader, or of your organization, you need to develop the attitudes that lead to that behavior.

Since our behavior is based on attitudes, to use more of our potential, you need to start by dealing with the thought processes which lead to that.  Again…Attitudes.

Our attitudes were developed, either positive or negative.  Since they were developed, they can be changed, improved, and developed further.  But it needs to be a conscious attempt.  Otherwise it’s natural for our thoughts to turn towards the negative.  Can’t as opposed to CAN.

I’m a believer in the Law of Attraction which at its most basic states: Think positive, get positive.  Think negative, get negative.  And this is just a choice, right?  (Say YES!)

So we need to develop ourselves as people, business people, and leaders so that we can project that to our marketplace and attract the people and circumstances we want to find.

And the more attractive we make ourselves, the more success will move towards us.

Here are 6 critical areas for you to examine your attitudes towards.  Improvement in any or all of these will definitely help you get on a better path than you are currently on.

1)   Self-Confidence. As a business person this is a must.  You need to radiate confidence. When you are truly confident you can make other people feel at ease.  How self -confident are you

2)   Belief.  You need to believe in your company and your product, as well as yourself.  This shows through.  When you believe, everyone you come in contact with does too.  Remember that you control the most important tool in business, your mind.  When you don’t believe, no one else will either. 

3)   Discipline- Strive to be a positive person. This needs to be a daily discipline. “Your commitment to a positive attitude will put you on a path to success that will be unstoppable.  This is the first rule of life” Jeffrey Gitomer. 

4)   Authenticity- Be true to who you are- genuine and authentic.  Just as you can sense when a person is being insincere or inauthentic, anybody you come in contact with will see that in you. 

5)   Preparation- Master the total knowledge of your product or service.  Know how it is used to benefit your customers. This is competence.  Competence breeds confidence.  (See Number 1)  Tom Hopkins is noted for saying “If you want to earn more, learn more.” Along with mastery of your product, you need to work towards mastering the art and philosophy of sales, communication, persuasion and influence, personal leadership, and dealing with people.  

6)   Responsibility- Take 100% responsibility and ownership of your job, your work habits, your customers, and yourself.  Don’t ever blame others for things that you should be taking responsibility for yourself. 

Woody Allen used to say that 80% of success is just showing up.  Show up with a good attitude in these six areas and you will get another 85%!