Selling is an art, a philosophy, and a skill.

Sales Training w Howard Litwak

I help Capital Region sales professionals develop the skills, attitudes, and focus necessary to support a strategically designed, collaborative sales process.  Sales training and development will help your organization grow.  Moreover, it will stay ahead of the competition.

Predictable, Repeatable Sales Processes

A process is a sequence of steps that leads to the desired outcome. Adding skills and changing thinking are the answers to solving sales improvement challenges.  Because, when you learn something new, you can do what you’re doing better.  Further, when you look at things in new ways, it leads to taking different actions.  Are your sales predictable and repeatable?  On purpose or accidental? Or random?

Where is Your Low Hanging Fruit?

Low Hanging Fruit

A process driven approach to increasing sales helps you discover your low hanging fruit.  Your opportunities may be picked from your  processes for:

  • Sales/Influencing Skills
  • Attitudes, Habits & Beliefs
  • Motivating Sales People
  • Managing Sales Talent

Improved sales metrics is a natural outcome of incrementally improving each step in the selling process and align it to your prospects’ buying process.

You’re Invited

I invite you to contact me for a free consultation and start increasing your sales today!  I promise you an insightful, no pressure, no obligation, no pitch interaction.