Now is your chance…Don’t blow it!

The sales process has been building up until now for this opportunity to gain a new client!  Here is a concept which will increase your chances of getting the sale more often.

Presenting is not just presenting!

So what is it?

This is about keeping the probable purchaser engaged, talking, asking, and answering questions.

Continue questioning around confirming and clarifying your probable purchasers needs and wants and you will continue to build rapport and credibility.  You will also be helping your client buy from you.


Questioning here will help your probable purchasers create urgency and value for themselves by focusing on the personal impact of their wants and needs and what they stand to gain or lose. By doing this, you will be far more likely to get a positive decision.


Be sure to focus only on what is important to your probable purchaser in terms of issues, features, and benefits.  Always focus on saying things in terms of what the prospect wants, needs, and understands rather than in terms of what you offer.  This requires an understanding of your customer.   Doing this, it makes it easier for them to do business with you.


To paraphrase one of the masters, Zig Ziglar:  If someone has a want or need and you have a solution that meets that want or need, it is the perfect formula for a sale.  Match your product or service in a way that only addresses what the probable purchaser says they want or need. Anything else is irrelevant and distracting for the probable purchaser.


Read this again!  People don’t need to know everything that you know about your product or service. All that is relevant at this stage is what is important to your probable purchaser.


You need to listen and then continue to ask questions based on what the client tells you.  The best sales people don’t feel that they to get across their bullet points and their presentation regardless of what your probable purchaser just told you.  That would be “pitching.”  Pitching has no place in helping people buy.


Stop right now if you have this habit!