Are your sellers gaining commitment with as many prospects as they could be? Most likely the answer is “no”. If so, here is a list of obstacles that may be standing in the way.  I think you will find it pretty comprehensive.  Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to:

1) Identify what pertains to your organization

2) Prioritize in order of what will have the greatest impact on your top line were you to correct it

3) Set a S.M.A.R.T. goal around removing each obstacle

4) Execute, track, measure, and continuously evaluate your progress

If you want to increase sales, this should be a major focus for you!

Need help correcting any issues?  One of my areas of expertise is helping professional sellers improve skills, knowledge, and attitudes leading to turning more prospects into clients.  Don’t hesitate to contact me.  ( or 518-664-5033)

Lack of prospecting awareness
Reluctance to Prospect (attitude)
Lack of prospecting focus (skill)
Lack of a systematic approach to prospecting
Unable to establish enough interest by prospects to meet for an initial meeting
Fear of personal rejection
Unable to secure an adequate number of referrals
Unable to develop an adequate number of centers of influence
Unaware of a prospect’s buying process
Ignores the fact that a buying process exists
Unaware that a selling process exists
Ignores the fact that a selling process exists
Unable to establish personal credibility and rapport in the eyes of the prospect
Over-reliance on charm when selling
Inappropriate levels (high or low) of Ego and Empathy exhibited while asking questions
When articulating qualifications, prospects perceive a lack of differentiation
Is uncomfortable asking company owners, presidents, and executives tough questions
Inability to ask company owners, presidents, and executives tough questions
Unable to establish enough interest by prospects to meet for subsequent meetings
Unable to establish enough need and financial ROI for prospects prior to asking for their commitment to proceed
Unable to help the prospect connect the dots between the company’s symptoms and their proposed solutions
Has an over-dependence on grants and reimbursement as a selling tool
Over-reliance on the logic of “this stuff should sell itself”
Unable or unwilling to prevent or handle stalls, objections, and frequently asked questions
Reluctance to ask for the commitment
Inability to secure their commitment to proceed.
Unable to manage tasks and time well enough to be effective