Discover a Personalized, Results Orientated Approach to Executive Coaching

It’s About Your Results

I begin with your end in mind.  From our initial discussion, I seek an understanding of  where you are,  your desired outcomes, and what needs to change.

I believe that confusing activity with achievement is an unproductive trap.  So I avoid using an approach of having you first develop specific attributes and then hope for results.  Instead, my approach reverses that paradigm.

                                                                                Executive Coaching Results Process

As a catalyst for your personal and professional achievement, I work with you to tailor a personalizedresults-orientated approach.  We will leverage and develop your personal uniqueness to effectively pursue your desired results.

Facilitating Breakthroughs

  • I begin with the end in mind by defining your desired results and outcomes.
  • Next, we gain an in-depth understanding of your talents, your scenario, and your key relationships.
  • Armed with this clarity and focus, we customize an approach designed to overcome your obstacles to achievement.  This results in focused, committed execution and success.
  • With a mutual commitment and focus on your outcomes, we create a plan to enable you to achieve much faster and easier than if you were going it alone.

This proven approach can make the difference between setting goals vs. actually achieving them.

Some client needs are initially apparent.  However, I typically either discover blind spots or new opportunities.  Consequently, these can lead to significant performance breakthroughs.

Sample our expertise and style for free. Call me at: 518-664-5033.  Or email: HLitwak@ParadigmAssociates.US

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