Here is a powerful statement:

“Today, being the customers first choice is the only remaining source of competitive advantage, and competition is fierce. To win, companies must be obsessed with their customers, focused on understanding them, and engaging with them better than anyone else.” Jon Miller-Marketo.

I bet you would be thrilled to be the first (and only) choice of all your customers, both current and prospective.  If you believe that being the first choice is the source of competitive advantage, than your strategy for the remainder of the 4th quarter and 2014 should be developed as follows:

(Warning: This is WORK!  It will take TIME and EFFORT!)

Be obsessed with your customers BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE:

  • What would this look like for you?
  • What would your customers say this would look like to them?
  • What are you currently doing now?
  • What would your customers say about what you are doing?
  • What can you do to add value to your customers business?
  • Get your key people together and brainstorm ideas on being more obsessed.  Then implement your top 3 ideas.  (Or more!) 

Be focused on understanding your customers BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE :

  • Why do your clients buy from you?
  • What do they want?  What do they need?
  • What are their pressures?  What are their concerns?
  • How well do your products or services meet the above?  Do you KNOW this to be true or do you just THINK it to be true?  How can you be sure?
  • What is your process for evaluating current conditions and identifying future trends which impact your customer?
  • Based on your answers here, what needs to change?

Engage Your Customers BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE :

  • How are you engaging customers now?
  • How can this improve? Get your key people together and  come up with 10 ideas minimum to improve here.
  • What is making you memorable? (in a good way!)  How can you be more memorable?  Brainstorm ideas to improve here and implement.
  • How are you measuring satisfaction and loyalty?  How are you influencing your scores?  How do you interact with the information you receive?  Do you need to be better here?  Plan and implement steps. 

Obsession with, focus on, and engagement of customers.  Three simple concepts which add up to one powerful competitive advantage when you do it better than anyone else.

Only pay attention to these things though if you REALLY want to WIN!

And if you want some ideas on HOW to win more thank you are now, give a shout and we’ll talk.