“My Brain Is Full”

I have two young boys and sometimes the things they say are just too funny.  (Can you relate?)  Here is an example:

Recently we were on our way to Bowman’s in Clifton Park.  (The boys just love picking and eating apples.) I never remember the back roads to get there so I asked my oldest son (he’s 6), not really expecting an answer.  He told me without hesitation “Dad, you take 146 to Miller Road to Sugar Hill.” Whoa…!  “How did you know that?” I asked. And without missing a beat he replied, “Because my brain is full!”

Wow!  How true that is at this point in his life.  And he has just begun his schooling. Many of us though are done with our “formal education.”  Do you think your brain is full?  If so, you may want to reconsider.

Ongoing personal development for Executives, Entrepreneurs, all levels of Management, and Professional Sellers is critical. Here are just 2 reasons:

1) Doing so creates a competitive edge over your competitors who are content with the status quo.   Create a culture of continuous learning and continuous improvement and leave them behind.

2) We have so much potential inside of us that is unused.  Personal development is a way to tap into that so that we can “become” the person who can accomplish the loftiest personal and organizational goals.

So, view life as a process of learning and becoming.  When you do this, you will accept few, if any, limits on your potential and what you can accomplish.

My brain is not full!  So I need to go work on that…

All the best,