goal achievers

There is a small percentage of people who are intentional conscious goal setters.  They establish written measurable goals in every area of their life.

It’s no coincidence that these people have the greatest amounts of success, status, power, influence, wealth, happiness, and balance in their lives.  Are you in this small percentage?

Is it “luck”?  It helps to know what creates luck.  It is created through the activity of achieving goals.

When you set a goal, you know where you are going.  Maybe not exactly how you are going to get there, though.  Your goal may require discovering new knowledge, gaining new capabilities, and using more of your potential.  And goal achievers know that these will be found or created by taking purposeful forward movement.

Want to start creating some of your own luck?  Here is how:

1) Imagine what you want differently and write it down.

2) Commit mentally and emotionally to the results you want.  (Don’t overlook this!) Make your goals measurable with a deadline.

3) Get into action and move into the unknown.

It sounds easy, right?  It’s certainly not complicated.

Goals can be modest or ambitious, depending on the desired result.  The less ambitious the goal is, the more likely it will be that you will stay within the framework of your existing knowledge and thinking.

The more ambitious the goal is though, the more it focuses you beyond your existing knowledge and capabilities.  This is called “developing potential.”  What you become in the process of achieving the goal can be just as important as the result itself!

As people, we are goal setters by nature.  We don’t move from place to place without a goal.  The vast majority of us though do not take advantage of the true power of goal setting and achievement.  Those that do gain courage and confidence to be able to take on ever increasing goals.

It’s easy to say that goal achievers are “lucky.”  Many people do so because it makes them feel better without having to change anything in their lives.  Don’t let this be you!

Luck in this world, everywhere, all the time, favors goal achievers.”

Become a lifetime goal achiever.  Take ownership and control of your future.  And create the “luck” you want for yourself!

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