In order to really hit the ground running in 2017, you need to close out 2016.  Not just close out the year but also feel good about it.  Indeed, if you follow the method below, you are more likely to achieve the results  you want this year.

To explain, you have where you started the year.  Specifically, all of your goals together with your hopes and dreams.

Then, you have what was actually accomplished.  In particular, how close your results match with your goals.

Here is what is most important: Don’t look at the gap between what you wanted to accomplish and what you set out to accomplish.  Look at what you actually did accomplish.  Overall, the progress you made during the year.

All things considered, you may have more successes than you thought!

Following are 23 different areas to look for accomplishments.  Invest some time here.  I am confident you will find it will be well spent in terms of the personal satisfaction gained!

Evaluate yourself on the following:

Did you establish any new relationships or develop any old ones (business or personal)?

Did you start a new line or develop a new product?

Was there a new market you identified?

Did you develop a marketing campaign or piece?

Did you get better at delegating?

Was any progress made in leadership (Personal or otherwise)?  New skills learned, books read, etc.

Did you progress in presentation skills or speeches?

Any new technology learned?

Any new abilities or competencies learned?

Was there any progress or growth in investments? Stocks, Land, Business, etc.

Any growth in relationships?

Any new habits developed?

Did you attend any positive events?

Was there progress in personal presentation?

Did you spend more time in nature?

Was there any spiritual development?

Were there any positive events in your family?

Were there any advances in personal development? Being more calm, or more patient, etc.

Was there any progress in health and fitness?

Did you take any trips and vacations?

Did you have any positive success in letting go?

Were there any new additions? Staff, pets, etc.

Did you participate in any positive events in the community?

That was quite the list, right?

Once completed, you will have had the opportunity to give yourself credit for many of the things that you did accomplish last year.  Feels good, right?  Now turn your thoughts towards the goals that you want to accomplish for NEXT year.

Are there any areas above where you wish you had spent more time? Or that you wish that you had done more in? 

With this in mind, decide where will you put your personal energy during this upcoming year.   These goals you set will give you momentum and create productive activity.

Say it with me: 2017,  BEST YEAR EVER!



*Thank you to Jack Canfield for providing this list on his monthly teleseminar in December 2010!