I am a Certified Business Coach.  My client base spans over 50 different industries. I believe that much of my success is driven by my own commitment to ongoing professional development. Specifically, I use that to supplement my background as a manager, trainer, and professional seller for more than 20 years.

My expertise includes:

  • Increasing sales and profitability
  • Helping people gain clarity around and execute on priorities
  • Establishing a culture of goal achievement
  • Developing success oriented attitudes and habits
  • Creating positive, long term, sustainable behavior changes

I have the rare ability to handle both the people side and the detail side of projects and issues with equal poise and confidence. When you meet me, you’ll immediately see why I have been so successful across so many business sectors. I routinely combine big picture thinking with practical, results-oriented actions. Because I have mastered the art of challenging peoples’ thinking in a positive way, clients say it is both fun and productive to have me around.

My strong soft skills, such as critical thinking, communication, problem solving, etc, help me earn credibility.  In addition they allows me to gain a critical connection with all levels of people being coached. In totality, these skills have proven to make me an excellent executive level coach.


Client results include:

  • A 30% increase in revenue over 2 years,
  • A 50% increase in new hires hitting their goals,
  • An immediate increase in the ability to gain target market clients within 30 days, and
  • Noticeably improved communication between partners, management, and staff.

In total, my work leads to:

  • Increased sales,
  • Higher morale,
  • Improved productivity, and
  • Achievement of more organizational goals.

I have worked closely with entrepreneurs and executives from organizations whose annual revenues range from $2-60 million. In addition, I’ve worked with small business owners and Fortune 500 companies.


As a long standing member of Toastmasters International, I have received designations in Speaking, Leadership, and Advanced Leadership. I am a skilled public speaker with experience in a wide variety of business and sales related topics.


It is my belief that successful individuals never stop learning. And that learning organizations constantly do what it takes to avoid mediocrity. In truth, I practice what I preach  For this reason, I have invested in my own development in order to increase my effectiveness as a business coach.

Additionally, I have received certifications as a:

  • Group Facilitator
  • DISC index administrator
  • Values Index administrator and
  • Attribute Index administrator


If you are ready and willing to do what it takes to get better results, contact me!