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Do you need an exceptional presenter for a keynote address, training session, or workshop?

Research is definitive.  Training and development increases loyalty. The alternative: Do you really want your people to not be the best trained for what they need to do?

I am a Certified Group Facilitator.  In addition I hold numerous designations from Toastmasters International in speaking and leadership.

All topics are facilitated in fun, results oriented, workshop style sessions.  Timeframes range from 60 minutes to 4 hours or more, depending on your needs.

If you are looking for an engaging and knowledgeable presenter for an event, contact me today.


Listed below are some of my presentation topics:



The Buying/Selling Process: Gain a competitive advantage.  In addition, minimize the number of people just buying on price. Specifically, by shifting your sellers from selling to helping people buy.

Mastering the Introduction: Keys to building trust and making a good first impression. To that end, you  increase your peoples’ sales effectiveness and profitability.

Speaking and Presentation Skills:  Your people can learn techniques to polish presentation skills, whether they are inexperienced or skilled speakers.  In turn, they will have a greater impact on their audience.

Using LinkedIn For Business: How your sellers can build their business by utilizing LinkedIn. Topics covered include how to:

  • Create an effective personal profile,
  • Prospect,
  • Connect with people,
  • Build relationships,
  • Build a network,
  • Increase sales.

Cold Calling Effectiveness:  Is cold calling is a part of your companies prospecting plan and culture?  If so, your people will learn skills which will increase their effectiveness immediately.  This session covers mindset, pre-call preparation,  scripting, and handling objections.

Effective Networking: Strategies to help your people make the most of their networking time at events.  Including effective follow up strategies.

Effective Questioning for Sellers: Effective sellers have a model for collecting information.  This workshop will present a few that your sellers can immediately apply to increase their effectiveness and profitability.



Essentials of Strategic Planning: How to make your plan a living, breathing document everyone can use to drive your business forward.

Execution Disciplines:  It’s one thing to have a plan. While it’s another to execute it.  All in all, what you and your people need to master in order to execute your plan.

Developing Customer Loyalty: How to increase revenue and profits by going beyond customer satisfaction to creating customer loyalty.

Sustainability- It’s A lot More Than “Being Green”- Steps to combine environmental sustainability with business sustainability to gain a competitive advantage, increase customer focus, and be more profitable.


Goals and success

How to Use the Power of the Subconscious Mind: Why is one person a great success and another an abject failure? Why is one person a genius in her profession while another toils all his life without accomplishing anything worthwhile?  Why is one person full of faith and confidence while another is fearful and anxious? Learn the fundamental laws of  the mind.

Participants will have the opportunity to gain hold of a power that will:

  • Guide them to achieve what they want
  • Solve difficulties
  • Help to find greater success, happiness and peace of mind

Goal Achievement: We are goal setters by nature but very few people truly harness the power of goal achievement.  Learning how to set individual and organizational goals that can be achieved is a critical skill.

Principles of Success: Success is not just  hard work and it’s not luck.  High achievers universally exhibit exact principles of thought and action.  Your people can apply them once learned.



Fail Safe Leadership: Leaders are those who follow a process to achieve desired outcomes.  How to make everybody in your organization a leader.  In addition, improve the leadership in your organization.

Effective Coaching For HR and Managers: How to have conversations that create change and promote “Right Action.”  Participants will learn theories, core competencies, and key abilities of effective coaching.

Managing Talents and Non Talents Are Keys To High Performance: Learn two traits of high achievers: self-awareness and authenticity.  Participants will be introduced to attributes which can be developed.  In turn, they can become more effective executives, managers, and sellers.


Time Management

Time Management and Productivity: Time management issues are not time management issues.  They are goals prioritization issues.  Steps your people can immediately take to make sure they are doing the most important thing all the time.


For more information on any of these topics:

  • Call me at 518-664-5033
  • Email me at HLitwak@ParadigmAssociates.US


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