achieve success

Most everyone wants a greater degree of professional success. Do you?  How about on the personal side? If the success that you want has eluded you up until now, no worries.

Here are things you need to do to achieve what you want:

1) Clearly Decide on what it is that you want.

Just deciding what you want and writing it down will put you in the top 10% of all achievers. This can be the most important thing you ever do.  What is it that you really want?

2) Have a plan to accomplish what you want.

This will put you in the top 3% of all achievers. Use the S.M.A.R.T. formula as the foundation of your goal setting.

If you set goals using the criteria of:

  • Specific,
  • Measurable,
  • Achievable,
  • Realistically high, and
  • Time Bound

then you will maximize the goal setting and planning process to your advantage.  You will see a distinct difference in your ability to accomplish anything that you want when your goals are evaluated against S.M.A.R.T.

3) Surround yourself with people who can help you.

You’ve heard of it takes a village. It really does. Here are a few ideas on forming your own “village.”

  1. Develop a support system in the form of a board of directors to meet with quarterly. People who you respect.  People who will give you objective advice on where you are and how to get to where you want.
  2. Form or join a mastermind group. Two heads or more are better than one when it comes to creating a result or problem solving. This is an incredibly powerful tool utilized by some of the most successful people of our time and the past.
  3. Get an accountability partner. Knowing that you are reporting to someone provides extra motivation to make sure you get done what needs to get done.

4) Take focused action daily towards your goals.

Always move forward. Even if it is only an inch, you are still moving towards your goal. It doesn’t matter how big the goal is.

One of my earliest goals after college was to be a sales trainer and motivational speaker. I took focused action every day on my own personal development. This included studying the art of sales, personal achievement, goal setting, human relations, effective communication, and more. I knew that to BE a trainer or coach who could lift someone else up, that I would have to BECOME a person who was at a higher level than those I was helping.

Focused action on a daily basis has helped me achieve this goal.

5) BE positive, don’t just think positive.

Being positive is a way of being. A way of life not just a way of thinking.

Do you have thoughts of doubt that creep into your mind?  If so you are not a positive person, yet.

This is part of life’s journey. Of course if you can’t be 100% positive, at least think positive. Your mind can only have one thought at a time.  By all means, it might as well be positive as opposed to negative.

6) Use affirmations and visualization.

Both of these activities will control and condition your subconscious mind to help you achieve what you want.

Our current view of the world is based on what has happened to us up until now. You can create your future view by using  affirmations and visualization.  When you bombard your subconscious mind with thoughts and images of what you want your life to be like, it will work to make this your current reality.

One of the most under-utilized success tools that you have is the power of your subconscious mind. You can change anything in your life by changing how you think.

7) Be clear on what your priorities are.

Your actions need to be in alignment with your priorities.  Constantly check that they are. If you don’t know what your priorities are, everything becomes a priority.  Then overwhelm sets in.

8) Persist until you succeed.

This is one of the greatest principles of success. If you persist long enough, you will succeed.

I take a powerful lesson in persistence from Abraham Lincoln. He failed at everything for his whole life. Yet at age 60, went on to become one of the greatest Presidents our country has ever known. WOW!

9) Constantly be learning and growing.

To BE who you want to be do you study, practice, and do the work that’s required? Or do you take it for granted? A regular discipline of daily reading and study will help you close the skills and knowledge gap between where you are and where you want to be.

10) Hire a coach.

You may think that this is self serving, but hold on. I have a coach. Two in fact. My coaches have coaches. A professional football team has 9 coaches. Those players are the best athletes in their game,

A coach can help you to:

  • See things more clearly,
  • Understand yourself better in terms of talents and non-talents, and
  • Be more focused.

Having someone at your side to encourage you while you are stepping out of your comfort zone to accomplish greater things can be invaluable.

We often have an idea of what we want but for a number of reasons, don’t move towards it.

Take a step, no matter how small. It can be the toughest but is the most meaningful!

Use the above ideas. Set up your plan. Get on the road to greater achievement and don’t look back! I wish you all the best on your success journey!