Are you expecting growth, experiencing growth, or do you just want growth?  (Note: Growth isn’t always getting bigger. Growth can be getting better.)

If the answer is YES! to any of the above, there is some great news for you.

I know a NY State organization which funds growth for small and medium sized businesses.   Pretty cool.


Their purpose is to:

-Help businesses become and stay successful

-Help businesses grow by investing in the workforce

-Move individuals up the corporate ladder by learning new skills which could lead to overall business expansion


There are core competencies associated with every role in your business.  Training on them usually results in a more efficient and well-run company leading to higher customer satisfaction, and revenue growth.  Training supports their purpose.  And so they consider working with businesses which want to train and develop their people.

Do you want to invest in your people by:

-Preparing the next level of leaders?

-Creating a management staff ready to better manage and grow the business?

-Increasing effective communication?

-Providing skills to sellers to ensure successful attainment of sales goals?

Don’t overlook the process side of your business. It’s good strategy to help your company obtain a better understanding of current operations and identify areas of improvement. Streamlining of processes is proven to lead to reduced waste, increased efficiencies, reduced duplications, and to position the business for growth.

Examples of what could be funded include:

Developing Customer Service staff– Create significant organizational wide improvements through skills improvement focusing on the customer both internal and external.

Developing Supervisory level leaders– Necessary skills to more effectively manage the workforce.

Developing Leadership/Management level leaders– Managing change, coaching, developing staff, facilitating performance.

Developing Sales staff- Skills and strategies expected to lead the company to higher performance and maintain and/or incrementally grow sales revenue.

Implementing Process Improvement/Lean concepts-Improve efficiencies across all functional areas.

Embracing Innovation, Planning, and Organizational Development– Provide methods to grow and evolve your business model, provide long term direction, and strategize for business retention and growth.

I’m looking for organizations who want to grow and be better. If that’s you, contact me. We’ll see if there is a fit for us to work together. And see if we can have NY State ultimately fund a good portion of it!