Before You Jump Into 2017, Close 2016 First

In order to really hit the ground running in 2017, you need to close out 2016.  Not just close out the year but also feel good about it.  Indeed, if you follow the method below, you are more likely to achieve the results  you want this year. To explain, you have where you started the year.  Specifically, all of […]

Sales Training With Results!

Selling is an art, a philosophy, and a skill. I help Capital Region sales professionals develop the skills, attitudes, and focus necessary to support a strategically designed, collaborative sales process.  Sales training and development will help your organization grow.  Moreover, it will stay ahead of the competition.

Some Tips For ‘Testing’ Your Strategic Plan

EFFECTIVE STRATEGIC PLANNING STARTS WITH THESE STEPS The strategic planning process is a critical resource for managing the growth and development of your business. It defines the company’s future direction and provides a focus for everyone’s efforts. At the very least, planning should include goals, objectives, and action steps to achieve goals. Here are the […]

Death Wish Coffee- Planning Can Lead to REAL Business Results

Death Wish Coffee is a global coffee brand that bills itself as “the world’s strongest coffee” but knew early on they didn’t have the world’s strongest processes. Death Wish started in 2012 in Round Lake, New York.  They employed six people at the beginning of 2015. Death Wish was an emerging new global brand with amazing […]

Independence Day and Lessons in Achievement Entrepreneurs Today Can Use

Our country widely celebrates the achievement of it’s independence.   On examination of the events leading to our revolution, it’s not hard to find significant lessons for entrepreneurs.  Applying these lessons to your business can lead to achievement on the same scale of our founding fathers! This article  is a great refresher of the events which led to […]

How to Motivate Your Workforce

Motivation is: the art of engaging with members of your team in such a way that they give their very best performance. Therefore, the answer to the question of ‘What do people really want from their jobs?” is the root of motivating your workforce. Psychologist Fredrick Herzberg addresses this in his article “One more time: […]

The Science of Success and Being a High Achiever

The Science Behind Success and Achievement Success, the accomplishment of one’s goals, is an absolute science.  It’s not luck, chance, or hard work. (Although they help…) Science: A branch of knowledge or study dealing with a body of facts or truths systematically arranged and showing the operation of general laws There are mathematical and physical sciences. […]

Great News Regarding Your Business Growth!

Are you expecting growth, experiencing growth, or do you just want growth?  (Note: Growth isn’t always getting bigger. Growth can be getting better.) If the answer is YES! to any of the above, there is some great news for you. I know a NY State organization which funds growth for small and medium sized businesses. […]

Use This 4th Quarter to Gain Momentum for 2017

Here is a truth: If you go through the same motions you’ve went through all year, and you are not satisfied with your results, it’s almost a certainty you will begin next year behind in performance very quickly. Here is another truth: You should use the 4th quarter to establish  momentum for a fast start […]