Small Business Success Requires a Full Sales Pipeline

As a business owner, you wear many hats.  One of them is VP of Sales and Marketing. This role is responsible for lead generation and turning prospects into clients.  Sales are the fuel which keeps your business engine running.  For this reason, filling your sales pipeline needs to be a non-stop endeavor. How well do you perform in the VP Sales […]

Become Extraordinary Through Your Vision Statement

Vision is one of the least understood concepts of small business strategic planning.  It is a powerful tool for your business, yet is often overlooked.    Following is a summary of “Become Extraordinary Through Your Vision,” a video by Dewitt Jones.  This is one of the best descriptions of the importance of a Vision Statement you will find. “A vision is […]

Top 10 Reasons to Get Better at Goal Setting

If you can change your relationship with goal setting, you can change any area of your business or life for the better. Here are 10 reasons, in no particular order, to be better at  goal setting both personally and professionally: 1) Goals help you establish direction, define actions, and measure progress. Successful people use goals to be successful.  Goals […]

Your Brain Is Out To Get You

Did you know your brain is out to get you?  Or more specifically, your subconscious mind?  Yes, it’s true.  We are hardwired. In fact, the most dominant function of our brain is to be reactive and protective.  Our subconscious mind reverts to this under any stress..  And research shows that unless you utilize the following areas, you lose […]

The “Right Things” For Business Growth

I would bet that you want growth for your business.  If so, then you need to do the “right things” and do “things right’.  I experienced this strategy first hand working with a Fortune 500 Company.  It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they are an industry leader and have achieved consistent steady growth over many years. You might wonder: ‘What does it […]

10 Tips on Achieving the Success That Has Eluded You in the Past

Most everyone wants a greater degree of professional success. Do you?  How about on the personal side? If the success that you want has eluded you up until now, no worries. Here are things you need to do to achieve what you want: 1) Clearly Decide on what it is that you want. Just deciding what you […]

Luck Favors Goal Achievers

There is a small percentage of people who are intentional conscious goal setters.  They establish written measurable goals in every area of their life. It’s no coincidence that these people have the greatest amounts of success, status, power, influence, wealth, happiness, and balance in their lives.  Are you in this small percentage? Is it “luck”? […]