A Paradigm Shift Which Will Increase Sales

Competition is at an all-time high, regardless of industry.   That’s a fact.  You and your people might experience this in difficulty securing prospect meetings, competitive bidding on new sales and repeat business, and (hopefully not) lost sales to another company.   So professional sellers need to do something to set themselves apart. Here is […]

Dramatically Improve Your Networking Results!

Networking is a great way for Entrepreneurs and Professional Sellers to generate leads and get appointments with prospects.    More leads- more appointments- more sales.  The formula is pretty simple. Why then are so many not taking full advantage of the networking opportunities they have?  I hear a lot:  “I’m just not a good networker.” […]

3 ‘C’s to Immediately Increase Sales

I believe that just about every business wants to increase sales. This starts by changing the way you look at sales. When you look at anything differently, you become aware of new possibilities.  For example: You most likely have a sales process that you follow.  Does your process focus on YOU and your stuff or […]

Do You Struggle With Sub Par Salespeople?

Poor or sub par professional sellers has a tremendous negative impact on business, regardless of the size. With poor sellers: stress levels are raised profits and revenue suffer growth is crushed morale suffers Studies show that superior salesmanship is driven by: initiative persistence emotional intelligence results orientation practical thinking This is what makes a good […]

A Tip to Increase Sales

Whether you are a small business owner or a professional salesperson, you need to turn prospects into clients.  Here is a tip to help you increase sales. Although you may not have ever put words to it, there is a process that buyers follow before they purchase anything.  Here is what that process looks like: […]

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Sales Results

Are you frustrated with your sales results and want to improve?  If you are an Entrepreneur, you have many hats to wear, including the hat of VP of Sales.  You’re a professional sales person as well as Chief Implementer. If your role is a professional salesperson, then of course your main objective is to turn […]