Are Your Habits Helping or Hurting?

Here are 5 obvious truths: 1) Successful people have successful habits 2) Unsuccessful people have unsuccessful habits 3) Habits are seen in behaviors and behavior never lies 4) Your habits determine your past, present, and future 5) If you want your business to change, you must change your habits   Take a few moments to […]

My Brain is Full

“My Brain Is Full” I have two young boys and sometimes the things they say are just too funny.  (Can you relate?)  Here is an example: Recently we were on our way to Bowman’s in Clifton Park.  (The boys just love picking and eating apples.) I never remember the back roads to get there so […]

Is Your Biggest Obstacle You?

How do your business results look lately? Are you stuck on a plateau? Are you doing the same things and expecting a different result? How does that rut you’re in feel? Here are some tips on getting out: Find some focus: Knowing some of the reasons why you got into that rut, can definitely help […]

The Most Important Thing

Checkpoint!  It’s the beginning of the third quarter.  Half of our year is gone already. Have you accomplished what you wanted to over the first six months of 2010? Are you on track to accomplish what you want for the rest of 2010? If so, Congratulations!  (Read on anyway!)  If not, why not?  You may […]

Your Brain Is Out To Get You

Did you know your brain is out to get you?  Yes, it’s true.  There are areas, research shows, that are responsible for inspiration, vision, commitment, insight, awareness, and clarity.  There is a part that helps us be aware of choices, decisions, and how we act. However, we are hardwired.  The most dominant function of our […]