You Can Improve Productivity By 50%

“What we need is not more knowing, but more doing!” Many years ago, Charles Schwab, CEO of the Bethlehem Steel Company was talking with a management consultant.  The consultant inferred to helping Schwab’s people gain more knowledge around managing. Schwab issued the famous words “What we need around here is not more knowing, but more […]

15.5 Powerful Reasons To Make Goal Setting A Habit

Everybody knows that the concept of goals exists, right?  The reality though is that only about 5% of  business people have written goals as part of a strategic plan and action steps for achieving them. Would it be any surprise that the most successful business people are conscious intentional goal setters!?  I hope not… If you want to […]

What Makes a Company Truly Great

If you want to increase your chances of delivering business growth and exceptional performance well into the future, read on!  The information that follows is relevant to you regardless of the size or revenue of your business. Two Deloitte consultants conducted a study of twenty five thousand companies to come to a conclusion of what […]

Is it Work or is it Productivity

Do you remember the physics definition of “Work”?  Specifically, it’s moving ‘X’ pounds ‘Y’ distance. The next definition is significant as well. Managerial Talent can be defined as: The behavior exhibited by a manager which increases the amount of productive, results-oriented, and profitable behavior on the part of others in the organization on a daily basis.  This […]

The Reason You Are Losing Sales

I’ve been in professional sales for over 20 years.  But, I don’t ever sell anything.  “What!?” you might be saying. I don’t sell anything because I sit back and let my probable purchaser take from me.  I know that if I give them enough information and ask the right questions, they will make the decision which […]

Meeting and Information Flow- How Well Do You Do This?

Having a meeting flow routine  is an important discipline all high performing organizations have, regardless of size.   I took the following from “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” by Verne Harnish.  (A great read by the way!) There may be some things that you can add to your organization which would be beneficial. I would suggest talking […]

Time Management Problems? They’re Not What You Think!

I can’t even count how many executives, managers, professional sellers, and entrepreneurs over the years have told me they have time management problems.  Time management problems are not even time management problems.  They are GOALS CLARIFICATION problems.  Because when you are clear on your goals, you know how you should be spending your time.   […]