I had my best year ever in 2013.

There is a message here, this isn’t meant to be bragging.

Did you have a great year, or your best year ever? If so, do you know why?   I have a saying: If something is working for you, do more of it!  If something isn’t working for you, stop doing it!  (By working for you, I mean leading you closer to your goals.)

I’ve taken a close look at all of my activities over the last year.  I know what produced the results I wanted.  I’ll do a lot more of those activities this year.   I now also know what didn’t work.  I’ll stop doing those things.   The cool thing is that this automatically increases productivity!  You can do the same thing.   By knowing what created your success, you can most likely create success over and over.

If you can’t say that you had a great year, if you were just kind of “stuck”, why?  Knowing why you failed to achieve what you wanted is more valuable than succeeding and not knowing why.  Let’s call this “productive failure.”

Did you have clearly defined goals?  This is the first area I would look.  If you didn’t, make sure you add goal setting and achievement to your new disciplines for the year.

A few other areas I would kind of poke around for answers if I were you would be:

Was your thinking success oriented? Were you thinking the right kinds of things?  The “I can’s” and “I will’s”.  Or was your thinking “I cant” and “This is hard.”

Did you prioritize your actions?

Were your behaviors conducive to carrying out your plan?  

Were there any habits holding you back?

Was there any skills and knowledge which if you had, would have helped you achieve more?

Was there a lack of resources which would have helped?

If you had a great year, make sure you leverage the “why” to have another great year in 2014.  That’s 100% what I plan to do.  I now have a proven to work model to just plug back into.  And I can with a clear conscience drop a bunch of activities which turned out to be unproductive.  I’ll innovate and test some new activities to replace them.  The goal is to have my next “best year ever” for 2014.  And then a never ending string of “best year” evers.  Now there is a future that excites me!

If you want to have a “best year” ever in 2014, make sure you spend some thinking on the above questions. Then plan and execute on making the changes that are necessary.  You might need some outside help.  I might be a great option here… along with a commitment to excellence and change.