vision statement

Vision is one of the least understood concepts of small business strategic planning.  It is a powerful tool for your business, yet is often overlooked.    Following is a summary of “Become Extraordinary Through Your Vision,” a video by Dewitt Jones.  This is one of the best descriptions of the importance of a Vision Statement you will find.

“A vision is a statement about where or who you want your company or yourself to be in the future as compared with where or who, you or it is today.

It sets direction clearly by pointing to something you or your company isn’t currently, yet fully intends to become.

Create an extraordinary vision.  With it you will create:

  • Attitude
  • Perspective
  • Pictures that show you the possibilities the world has to offer

Let your vision influence your life and the lives of everyone in your organization.  This is what you will charge yourself with every day.  Your vision should contain purpose and passion.  When the vision is clear, passion and creativity are there as well.

When you start, you won’t have any idea how powerful this vision can be.  How it can change your life.  You see, vision controls your perception and perception controls your reality.

“I’ll believe it when I see it.”  No!  It’s “I won’t see it until I believe it.”  That’s the way life works.  You need to believe in your vision.  If you don’t believe it, you won’t see it.

Your vision should make you say “YES!” every morning.  “This is why I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Your vision is a powerful source.  Build a vision of possibility.  A vision that no matter how bleak and desolate the situation may seem, it still has possibility.  This is how you transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.  It’s there if you are open enough to see it.

How open to possibility are you really?  This gives you energy.  Don’t gripe.  Celebrate what’s right.  By doing this, we find the energy to fix what’s wrong.

The right vision gives us possibility, energy, and makes you more accepting of change.  Change is the very thing that scares us the most and when looked at from a different perspective, it is possibility.  Think about that…

Change is possibility and the times of most change always hold the most potential.

Use the power of change to take you to where you want to go.  To live with uncertainty yet act with confidence.

The power of vision is extraordinary.  It transforms the way we look at the world and ourselves.  You have to be willing to take it to the edge internally, to really be comfortable with who you are and to let it all out.

Can you trust your vision and values enough to step out beyond your own edge?  To find a new balance of life, not of limitation but of possibility?

You never know where it’s going to go.  You just need to do it and believe.

Incredible things happen when we are open to possibilities.  Because the world is an astounding place.

You can “see it” every day if you’re open enough to it, if you hold a vision which fills you with energy, takes you to your own edge, and gives you the courage to soar.”

Your Next Steps

Pretty powerful, right?  I believe that Dewitt Jones nailed it.

To be sure, take the first step today on becoming extraordinary through your vision.  Definitely dust yours off if you have one.  Revamp it until it gives you chills and makes you say “YES!”  That’s how you know you got it right.

Write out your vision of your extraordinary life or company if you haven’t done it yet.  Putting it on paper is the first step in bridging your dreams and reality.  I believe if you don’t have written goals, you don’t have goals at all.

Send me your vision if you like.  I’d be happy to review it for you.   And give you some ideas on how to improve it and next steps you can take to become extraordinary.

*Based on the video by Dewitt Jones.  Click here to watch it:  “Celebrate What’s Right With The World”   It is an amazing video.  I’d love for you to sit back with a friend and enjoy every one of the next 22 minutes.