Why do I need assessments?

Do you struggle with any of the following issues?

  • Productivity down
  • Personal conflict
  • Personal performance down
  • Dysfunctional teams
  • Time management

In order to fix what isn’t working, you need to know the reasons why.  The answer to all of these issues lies between the ears.  These assessments will provide the insight necessary to implement a solution that will lead to you accomplishing the results that you want.

“Companies large or small that manage intellectual assets outperform others that don’t”

The WHAT, WHY, and HOW of Human Performance

We are certified in three unique assessments which when combined, complete an incredibly robust and holistic view of any individual.  These tools will help individuals to:

  • Better understand themselves and perform better
  • Work more effectively with others and in teams
  • Improve their ability to lead others or to be managed

These assessments are:

The WHAT of Success  ( Attribute Index)- What are your natural talents of thinking and making decisions?  Understanding these can lead to the easiest path to your success.

For more information on the Attribute Index click here

The WHY of Success (Values Index)- To reach optimal performance, you must understand WHY you are motivated to use the talents and abilities you possess.  By better understanding WHY you are motivated to do things, you are better able to align your environment with what creates the most passion in you.

For more information on The Values Index click here

The HOW of Success (D.I.S.C. Index) – Another key to increasing personal performance is understanding how we behave personally and at work.  Greater levels of understanding result in an increased ability to align your environment as well as select work that ensures meaning and success while creating less stress.

For more information on the D.I.S.C. Index click here

Self Awareness and Authenticity are acquired skills of top performers

Contrary to popular belief we don’t have strengths and weaknesses, we have talents and non talents.  We manufacture weaknesses by depending on non talents in our roles.  When we depend on and leverage talents, we manufacture strengths.

The Genius Project (Niblik ‘Whats Your Genius’ 2009) showed that the only two things that were different between the most successful people studied and and all the rest was their level of understanding for their natural talents and their ability to incorporate them into what they do and how they do it.

The combination of our natural talents, motivations, and behaviors makes up the very core of who we are and makes us unique individuals.  This is where the potential lies for delivering our greatest levels of performance and success.

The message is clear

The more completely you know you who you are (self awareness) and the truer you stay to who you are (authenticity), the greater your satisfaction and performance will be.  This self awareness is a combination of:

  • Using the Right Talents– You want to use the natural talents you already possess and not try to develop new one’s that can’t be developed.
  • For the Right Reasons– Using those talents to achieve goals that are inspirational to you based on what motivates and inspires you.
  • In the Right Way– Expressing your thoughts and decisions through behavior that is natural and true to who they are

So what is my next step?

Just give a call to the office or drop us an email.  We will set up a time to meet and find out more about your situation.  Together we can decide what the next best step for you will be.

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