Whether you are a small business owner or a professional salesperson, you need to turn prospects into clients.  Here is a tip to help you increase sales.

Although you may not have ever put words to it, there is a process that buyers follow before they purchase anything.  Here is what that process looks like:

1) You

2) Your Company

3) Your Product or Service

4) Price

5) Timing

Your prospect needs to make a decision on each of these.  And in this order!

Think about the last major purchase that you made.  You followed this process too.  You want to match your SALES PROCESS with your prospects BUYING PROCESS. 

Having a sales process that is strategically designed to help your prospects buy rather than selling to them helps set you apart by keeping your focus on your prospect, rather than making a sale. 

So change your mind set to helping people buy.  Make sure that your sales process favorably addresses each critical step in the buying process.  When you do that, you will unlock a lot more sales and start cashing more and larger checks!

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