We’ve just kicked off the 4th quarter of 2013.  This marks the beginning of the last 13 week race of the year.

Since your goals and objectives for the year deserve more than just a chance, here is a simple yet powerful strategy:


I told you it was simple.  Not everything has to be complicated.


– Make something happen, advance the ball up the

field, move the needle on a project.

 – Make something happen right now, the moment

you finish reading this, and stick with it. 

– Launch that idea, post that post, run that

ad, call that customer, solve that problem. 

– Go to the edge, that edge you’ve been holding

back from… and get started on it now. 

– Don’t wait, and by all means don’t ask for

permission, make something happen! 

– Just go, get it done, and then do it again  tomorrow.    *Adapted from Gary Ryan Blair

Question: If you continue doing things the same way these remaining days of the year as you have done all year so far, what type of results can you realistically expect?

Answer:  More of the same you have gotten up to this point.

If this is not acceptable to you, throw down a challenge to yourself that you CAN achieve the results you really want for your organization.  You just might need some help identifying what strategies, systems, processes, habits, thoughts, behaviors, and actions need to change, and how to actually make the change happen in a way that is long-term and sustainable.

I have a serious program, for serious people and organizations, who are serious about closing performance and execution gaps.  It’s tailored to exactly what will move the needle forward for YOU.  Contact me today to talk about if there may be a fit.  hlitwak@paradigmassociates.us or 518-664-5033