Competition is at an all-time high, regardless of industry.


That’s a fact.  You and your people might experience this in difficulty securing prospect meetings,

competitive bidding on new sales and repeat business, and (hopefully not) lost sales to another company.


So professional sellers need to do something to set themselves apart.

Here is a paradigm shift which can’t help but lead to more sales if applied:


Problem FINDERS do better than problem SOLVERS.


The most important thing a seller can do is find the right problems to solve.

Mastering this requires learning how to ask better questions.  Not better pitching.


Asking better questions starts with the questions you ask the face in the mirror.

A few examples are:

  • How do I feel about myself?
  • What is my attitude?
  • What are the major issues in my sales process?


Asking better questions of your prospects surfaces answers to:

  • WHY do you want what you want?
  • What is it you really NEED?
  • What is it you really WANT?


Effective questioning as part of a strategic sales process will lead your prospect to conclude that their way is not the optimal way.

It can even lead them to conclude that their way is broken.   How well thought out are your questions?


Experience has shown that for many sellers, the answer is “not very.”

I challenge you to develop a list of no less than 20 questions that you can draw from before you go on your next sales call.

Your questions should address at least:

  • Current situation
  • Desired situation
  • Goals
  • Obstacles
  • Rewards of changing
  • Consequences of inaction
  • Decision making process


Are you up for the challenge?

Send me your questions and I will review them and provide ideas for how you can possibly improve.


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