I believe that every organization wants to be successful. To do this in today’s competitive environment requires that an organization focus on these four critical success factors:

  1. Continuous improvement. If you are constantly improving, you’re going to stay ahead of the competition that isn’t looking or thinks today’s ways are the best.  Let’s call that complacency.  What process do you have in place to evaluate and improve on what is most important to your bottom line?
  2. Creating a learning organization. Organizations that create an environment where the individuals are challenged to continuously learn and develop their skills and knowledge, where the norm is focusing on new and better processes and results, will create an organization that will not only succeed, it will thrive.  Should learning and employee development be a bigger part of your culture?
  3. Identifying core values and developing value-based leaders. When values are clearly defined, everyone in the organization knows what is expected and can more effectively make decisions and take action in manners consistent with the organizational vision. When decisions and actions are based upon values, the focus is on doing the right things for the right reasons.  Are your values clearly defined?  Can you associate specific behaviors with them for your employees to follow?
  4. Exceeding internal and external expectations. All other things being equal, organizations with happy and loyal employees will serve customers better and compete more effectively than those with disloyal or disgruntled employees. Organizations with loyal customers have a competitive advantage.  How do you measure the loyalty of your employees? 

Do you see how the focus needs to be internal? It must be on becoming the best and developing the best that is possible.  However, for many, the search for a competitive advantage has been external.

The key is providing the direction and leadership that encourages optimum performance from all.

Direction is the leader’s responsibility.  There are tools available that you and your organization can use to improve the odds that you will not only go in the right direction, but do so with the commitment and enthusiasm that will ensure that you arrive there.  It needs to start at the top.

Do you want to drive change and growth?  The most effective way to do this is to implement a plan based upon vision, values, and strategy because they all drive behavior.

The next critical factor is whether or not top management is COMMITTED to making the change happen. Your behavior and commitment combined with the proper use of the tools will show the direction that others will follow.

Do you want to be more successful than you are right now?  You bring the commitment and desire for positive change.  I’ll bring the tools.  Together we can improve profitability, productivity, and customer focus.  I’m always looking for a Win-Win.  If implementing these success factors would be a “Win” for your organization, call me today to see how we may work together.  My contact info is below.