goal setting

Everybody knows that the concept of goals exists, right?  The reality though is that only about 5% of  business people have written goals as part of a strategic plan and action steps for achieving them.

Would it be any surprise that the most successful business people are conscious intentional goal setters!?  I hope not…

If you want to know why goals are such an important part of your plan and how you can benefit from making them a habit in your business and life, here are 15.5 powerful reasons (Do you need any more?!)

1) Goals separate the high achievers from the masses.  Achievement of desired goals is the one thing that is the difference between mediocrity and the success you want.

2) Goals help you make better decisions.  When you have an important decision, you need only to look at your goals and priorities.  Your choice will be the one which helps take you closer to your goals.

3) Goals help establish direction and clarify your thinking on what you really want.

4) Goals help keep you on target.  They provide your constant North Star.

5) Goals help keep you focused.  After all, the outcomes and rewards are what you decided you really want, right?

6) Goals help increase self-motivation.   If you are not self-motivated to accomplish a goal, then maybe it should come off of your list.

7) Goals help increase self-confidence.  Stretching and taking actions to achieve  long-term goals gives you the knowledge that you can do things you might have not thought possible.

8) Goals help create enthusiasm.  A goal that is clear in your mind and a short time from being realized is a powerful motivating force.  Have you ever experienced this?

9) Goals help define actions.  Having a written plan ensures that your time is spent on activities that are critical to your goal achievement.

10) Goals help measure progress.  A well-set goal is measurable.  What gets measured can be managed and what gets managed can be improved.

11) Goals give you a sense of control over who you are and where you are going.  You can consider yourself truly successful when you are consistently achieving goals in every area of your life.

12) Goals that are specific and challenging lead to improved performance as a result of and applying effort and having to stretch.

13) Goals lead to sustained success and continuous improvement when achieved on a consistent basis.

14) Goals provide a method to identify needed resources and align available resources.

15) Goals allow you to close the gap between present day circumstances and desired results.  If the goal is something you really want, how come you don’t have it yet?  Determine the next actionable step you need to take.

15.5) The most powerful technique to get what you want?  Focus.  Setting goals is a powerful way to focus.

Do you know what you get in business and life?  It’s what you focus on.  Not always what you ask for.  So focus on the success and the results that you want by setting goals.


So, are you in the 5% of  business people that regularly plan for and achieve goals?   Click here to download my free goals profile to see how good you REALLY are at this critical skill!

Warning!  Some people may be shocked by their results.  But confronting your reality allows you to make changes.   I promise it will be time well invested in your future success.